This time last year

4th April 2011, we went to the Castle Hotel in Manchester for a great evening out. First some nice food in Ning, bumped into Richard B as we went in he was coming out, off to play some records. Mssrs Boardman, Lee and Ling were still finishing their meal. It was nice to say hello before the gig, as I’d been emailing BJL during the day asking about timings. Lisa and I finished our food – good tasting Pad Thai – and walked a few steps down the road to the Castle. A small space at the back of a small pub, I didn’t count how many were there but couldn’t have been more than 50. Brilliant!

Here’s one from the night, sung by Shawn Lee accompanied by Bing Ji Ling

As if to commemorate the night, the song San Diego has washed ashore again this week, or last, as the first release on Aficionado Recordings which you really must buy from here.

a bit of the original

a bit of Phil Mison's remix

It is only now that I have become aware that this song is a favourite at Aficionado. It took me back to the night at The Castle, hearing others singing along. Lucky me because I like it.

I wish and hope that Richard and Jason will be able to do something like that night again


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