Conversation starter

I’m reading David Byrne’s How Music Works at the moment and have been drawn to watch the Talking Heads live.

So firstly, in 1980…..

and to continue the conversation consider what Adrian Belew, one of the Rome 1980 band members recalls in ANECDOTE number 606

and then take time out to stop making sense



Talk, talk, it’s only talk

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cro-magnon Riding The Storm (Version Idjut)

Credit where credit is due::::::::::::::

Director & Producer:Yukihiro Onoda(MFG)
Photographer:Akihiro Kajita
CG Director :
Toshihiro Sakamoto(M.M.M)
Yu Maruno(glmv)
CG Designer :
Kenji Aoki(M.M.M)
Teruhiko Yukitake(EYE-LiNK)
Shinichi Tanabe(M.M.M)


12″ vinyl from here

CD only LP The Best from here

Not summer

The weather isn’t very summery. Been listening to a lot of Andy Weatherall music recently.

This remix of Timothy J Fairplay’s Sleigh Ride/Blizzard is brilliant. And it’s not summery.

I chanced upon it via AW’s soundcloud page from where there is a link to buy the 12″


I love this haunting music by G Moroder.

Listened to the Quiet Village version yesterday only to hear later of Donna Summer’s passing.

The Moroder original is from the soundtrack of a film called Foxes, which Donna Summer also wrote and sang on

I guess I’ll always remember Donna Summer when I hear this, because that is how it connects for me

The decade I was born. 1960 what?

Whilst merrily listening to Andrew and Terry having a laugh, there were some great sounds to be found. This one really got under my fingernails. Gregory Porter singing 1960 What? in a marvellous house style, with a rerub by Opolopo, available digitally hereExpansion records produced 500 12″ for Record Store Day 2012. I couldn’t go to any record stores today. I chanced a quick call to Action Records after the shop had closed and I got a vinyl copy.

The brass playing makes me remember Working Week amongst other things. Groovy.

This time last year

4th April 2011, we went to the Castle Hotel in Manchester for a great evening out. First some nice food in Ning, bumped into Richard B as we went in he was coming out, off to play some records. Mssrs Boardman, Lee and Ling were still finishing their meal. It was nice to say hello before the gig, as I’d been emailing BJL during the day asking about timings. Lisa and I finished our food – good tasting Pad Thai – and walked a few steps down the road to the Castle. A small space at the back of a small pub, I didn’t count how many were there but couldn’t have been more than 50. Brilliant!

Here’s one from the night, sung by Shawn Lee accompanied by Bing Ji Ling

As if to commemorate the night, the song San Diego has washed ashore again this week, or last, as the first release on Aficionado Recordings which you really must buy from here.

a bit of the original

a bit of Phil Mison's remix

It is only now that I have become aware that this song is a favourite at Aficionado. It took me back to the night at The Castle, hearing others singing along. Lucky me because I like it.

I wish and hope that Richard and Jason will be able to do something like that night again


Japaneese dritwood. This lovely record has been echoing in my ears a few times recently. It was cut, layer and cordinate axis by Kenji Takimi and Tomoki Kanda, KT Mastering. Original sound recording by Crue-L Records, Tokyo. Nuclear Hot Summer 2011.

It’s great

For me the musical meanderings are the result of listening to Jose Padilla’s recent Mixcloud jetsom

Something might have got lost in translation, but I think you can buy it here

If it had literally floated on the sea, like much of the Tsunami debris, it would have followed the currents below, and ended up on the West Coast of America perhaps on the beaches of San Diego

It reminds me in parts of Josephine (La version Francaise)

Ghost Nets

Fishing nets left or lost in the ocean by fishermen – ghost nets – can entangle marine life. Fortunately this is Gost Mutt not ghost net.

Whilst I was listening to Ross Allen’s Meltdown radio show I was reminded just how much I like this soul funker

I like it longer so a rewind is required for me. Maybe loop it up in your thing after buying a copy from here